It is fucking cold in New England. In fact, if youre reading this site in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s probably cold there too. To ease the pain, I threw on some long underwear before heading out of the house. It would seem like Core77, has cold on the mind too with their current profile of Sweden’s Woolpower, thermal layer company. Here’s a snippet from the profile. “Woolpower garments are almost absurdly thin compared to other thermals I’ve owned, yet kept me super-warm in below-freezing conditions. I could layer them easily without reducing my mobility, without feeling like my own clothes were choking me, and without that Michelin-man feeling that I have to turn sideways to get through a doorway. The absence of lengthwise seams made them comfortable against the skin, with no chafing.”

Read the full story on Sweden’s Woolpower at Core77.

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