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Parisian hip hop artist, DJ and record label founder/curator Julien Pradeyrol, a/k/a Teki Latex (or Tekitek) aligns with Japanese visionary Big O and his brand Phenomenon on a capsule collection. Teki describes the line:

“I wanted to express a sense of European classiscism mixed with Japanese futurism, and to give a creative modern twist to classic preppy pieces. I worked on the designs with Big O, and the general Idea is to have pieces that can be combined with each other and designs that can be superposed on top of each other. For example when you wear the cardigan on top of the tee shirt, the pac man is hidden but the triangular shape still appears, with the colors of the tee matching those of the cardigan. On the cardigan, the polar bear, inspired by my favorite TV show “Lost”, is wearing classic accessories as a nod to french elegance (a cane, a bowtie and a top hat). The pac man is a symbol of my generation, classic yet modern.”

Available on January 2nd, 2010 from Phenomenon stores in Japan, and colette and Pigalle in Paris.

Hit the jump for a closer look at the Teki Latex x Phenomenon Capsule Collection.

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