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Stanley Donwood is recognized as one of the UK’s most popular contemporary artists. Since 1994, Donwood has also designed all the artwork for Radiohead and helped create one of music’s most distinctive brands.

Teaming with Oakley, Donwood’s initial concept for his Artist Series glasses was to create peril-sensitive sunglasses like the ones described by Douglas Adams in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They would go completely black at the first sign of danger, saving you from having to look at anything dangerous.

Of course, that was impossible. So the artwork on these limited edition frames is adapted from a Donwood piece called “London Views” which shows London being destroyed by fire and flood in a quasi-medieval style. The sunglasses come with matching box and micro bag that are also adorned with his work. Available now at select Oakley retailers.

More looks at the Oakley x Stanley Donwood Artist Series Jupiter follow.

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