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Before you start saying ‘this did the blog rounds a week ago’, this is a gander at some looks that the fine folks at Style Salvage couldn’t fit into their post. The collection is called ‘Kingsland Road’ (a road in the trendy side of East London) and the designers say that they were inspired by the road and the culture-meshing that goes on there. As they state in the S.S Q&A:

“We’ve always been interested in the idea of ‘the trans-cultural’ – an enriched summation of many cultures to create a unified whole, forming a sartorial mix which is unique to the UK and possibly at it’s most direct in London. For us, this area of London perfectly captures the spirit simply by walking from one end of the Kingsland Road to the other. It is possible to experience some of the worlds most prominent cultures, and we wanted to echo this mood in our collection”

Aside from the usual Casely-Hayford touches, we also noticed a slight preppy vibe in the louche sweatshirts and consistent use of Miles Davis green throughout the collection.

Song remains the same, detailed images after the leap.

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