Tune in and turn up

The reason we started these top 5 album picks was to showcase another side to designers. Music is so intrinisically linked with fashion that we felt it only natural we start asking some of our favourite designers about what they’ve been listening to over the last year.

We often make assumptions about what type of music a designer listens to in their downtime and we made the assumption that Koeun Park would spend her time listening to obscure whale songs – instead she apologised for her ‘terribly commercial’ taste in music, which consisted of Kings Of Leon and Jay-Z amongst others. It’s always nice to be surprised.

Take a leap to see her picks.

Manu Katche – Neighbourhood
Favourite Track:
Number One

Massive Attack – Collected
Favourite Track:
Live With Me

Jay-Z – Blueprint 3
Favourite Track:
Empire State Of Mind

Kings of Leon – Only By the Night
Favourite Track:

Philip Glass – Songs and Poems for Solo Cello
Favourite Track:
Song III (below is Song I, Song III isn’t available legally without purchase)

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