01. Vintage Ski Ads Pt.1

“I got my first couple days of skiing for the season in last week right after some nice snow up at Heavenly. Skiing always reminds me of being really young and going up with my parents, Sacramento is only an hour from the Sierras so we’d get up a few times a year. I loved all the design associated with ski equipment and I found that when I first started out in design I was always trying to emulate that style in my work.” (iso50)

02. R.I.P. Willie Mitchell

“Legendary Hi Records producer and musician passed away this morning after suffering a cardiac arrest a few weeks prior. It’s hard to imagine RZA’s career without this guy.” (cocaineblunts)

03. My Baby Rocks Me  With One Steady Roll (above)

Directed by: Joost Vandebrug Styling: Rose Forde Asst Styling: Camilla Hair: Yoshi using Bumble and Bumble Make up: Miho Hamaya using Chanel Models: Jethro Cave @ D1 Sophie Willing @ Storm Music: Flying Lotus. (contributinged)

04. Rare Breeds, Frozen in Time

“IT didn’t take long for Chip, a Tennessee fainting goat sporting a luxuriant Vandyke beard and an impressive pair of curlicue horns, to live up to his breed’s name. When Peter Borden, accompanied by a stranger, entered the immaculate stable that Chip calls home, the goat pressed his velvety nose through the bars of his stall, begging for a scratch. But at the visitor’s approach, Chip apparently had second thoughts. His left foreleg stiffened, his brown eyes went glassy and he began to list to one side.” (nyt)

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