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Two new products have been announced by Beats by Dr. Dre – they added after Lady Gaga also Diddy to their collection and present the Diddy Beats. Furthermore Lady Gaga and (red) get together to fight AIDS with collaborative Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.

“Diddy Beats in-ear headphones incorporate a host of today’s most advanced sonic technologies with design elements that echo the sensibilities and trendsetting style of the artist’s critically acclaimed international fashion label Sean John. As such, Diddy Beats are a 21st century combination of sophisticated styling and cutting-edge technology. Sporting a high-tech aluminum and leather-wrapped housing and high-polished enamel, Diddy Beats embody a celebration of pop culture and high fashion that truly exemplify how “sound is life.”

To provide users with the ultimate in convenience and performance when used with today’s portable music devices, (PRODUCT)REDTM Special Edition Beats Solo Headphones feature Monster’s “ControlTalk,” an advanced on-cable feature that provides users with full control of their listening experience when using their 3GS iPhone®, iPod® shuffle and other new iPods and portable music devices.

The new Monster (PRODUCT)REDTM Special Edition Beats Solo Headphone will be available in early February at several US and UK retailers with an MSRP of $229.95.”

After the jump you can see some more images of both the Diddy Beats headphones and the Lady Gaga x (red) headphones.

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