The Midnight Magi, designed by acclaimed artist Gary Baseman, is an elegant, 8-inch, matte black vinyl figure featuring white and pink accents that highlight the linework indicative of Baseman’s style. A leader of Los Angeles’ underground art movement, Baseman is a fine artist, painter, toy designer, and TV & movie producer whose work often blends toy culture and fine art.

Kidrobot Black toys are created especially for Kidrobot’s most devoted fans and collectors and each toy is produced as a super-limited run. Kidrobot Black was created by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz out of his love for vinyl toys. The line is inspired by the aesthetic of the late nineties urban vinyl toy movement, with an emphasis on texture and simplicity of form and color. Part of the goal of Kidrobot Black is to revisit this aesthetic and modernize it with cutting edge designs by Kidrobot’s top toy designers.

The first one up now is the Gary Baseman “Midnight Magi” figure. You can purchase it here.

Another look at the figure follows after the jump.

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