01. 100 Years On Ice: What The Puck? (above)

“As Northeastern University’s Matthews Arena, the oldest artificial-ice arena in the world, prepares to celebrate its centennial on April 16, we offer a salute to the oldest barns in men’s Division I college hockey (based on information provided by the 58 Division I programs)” (espn)

02. Hyperdub 2010 And Kode 9 The Knight Of The Living Bassheads

“What’s the best way you can imagine for a soundman to wrap up the first decade of the millenium and signal the future? Or rather, can you think of a better one than Kode 9’s? He released Hyperdub 5, easily one of the best compilations of the decade, with a series of beautiful accompanying 12″s (credit to be shared by the artists featured), and celebrated with the perfect birthday rave at Corsica studios last November. Now he’s letting loose Sonic Warfare, a masterful motherfucker of a book. Together they fuse charged aspects of the universe that precipitate into a terrifying, thrilling tomorrow.” (thequietus)

03. O House

“O house takes its name from its form in which a kitchen, dining room, furniture and bath area, encircle the main house. These spaces are produced by spanning rafters located between the retaining walls of the adjacent and main house. The o house space is somewhat like a passage garden.” (minimalissimo)

04. Harry Wakefield’s 2009 Design Top 5

“For me 2009 was the year that sustainable design and architecture became simply design and architecture. Sustainable materials and techniques are plentiful, so much so there is now very little that a designer and/or architect cannot create sustainably, given the opportunity to do so.” (mocolo)

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