Tune in and turn up

In the last of our series, we asked Daniel Jenkins to compile his top 5. Recently featured in UK Esquire’s top 5 indie stores, When he’s not sitting in front of fireplaces like a bawse, he’s listening to music. Which explains why he took the longest to get back to us (in case you’re wondering, Scott Sternberg was the quickest). Daniel’s selection was as considered as you’d expect with everybody from Fuck Buttons to Omar S getting a look in. Take a leap and have a listen.

Fuck Buttons – Tarrot Sport
Favourite Track:
Surf Solar

The XX – XX
Favourite Track:

Greg Wilson – Essential Mix
Not technically an album but this is the body of music i’ve played the most this year.
Favourite Song: The Edit – Two Sides Of Sympathy (PTA mashup / Greg Wilson mix)

Arctic Monkeys – Humbug
Favourite Track:
Dance Little Liar

Omar S – Fabric45
Favourite Track:
Set Me Out

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