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Prada’s AW10 show was something of a revelation to the style focused bloggers – it had clothes they’d actually consider wearing. We’ll let Mr Tim Blanks take it from here.

A Prada show is never just about the clothes. There’s something happening on the walls, the floor, the soundtrack. It’s not always obvious what it is, but you can’t help but sense it’s there. Tonight, for the dual presentation of Prada’s fall looks for men and pre-fall for women, one wall piece listed ten key turning points in the last decade (9/11, the launch of Facebook, American Idol’s debut, and so on). There was a huge weird splodge of green resin on the floor, and a big circular bar (yellow) in the middle of the room. And DJ Frederic Sanchez, who has always provided the music for Prada’s shows, was mixing live, shading electro into rave into indie and back again, a quick-fire tumble of tracks that could easily have been the musical education of kids growing up in the English Midlands during the eighties and nineties.

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