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Referring to the German word “Zivilist”, Berliners Alex Flach (photo editor of Lodown Magazine and Monster Mag) and Andreas Hesse (editor of “untitled” and Lodown) are paying homage to the former political status of West-Berlin when Wall City was governed by Western Allies and West-Berlin residents weren’t forced to do military service in the Bundeswehr because no German army was allowed there. Civilian by law, a nice privilege. Meanwhile West-Berlin’s unique constitutional status has changed. Basically, since then, everything related to Berlin has changed.

Civilist is a store, a gallery, a showroom. It’s a social room constantly changing from a store to gallery while transitioning the store to the basement or temporarily using the space for video installations, fashion shows, concerts and as a showroom. A call for civil disobedience towards general expectations and rules how to run a store or a gallery.

The store introduces carefully chosen brands such as HUF, Ransom, aNYthing, Norse, Fucking Awesome, DQM, Altamont, PAM, Nike SB and Vans Syndicate, alongside skateboards by Girl and Chocolate, publications by O.H.W.O.W. and PAM and other select/vintage pieces.

Brunnenstraße 13
10119 Berlin, Germany

More photos of the Civilist Berlin space follow.

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