Where the runway meets the street
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More lyrical delivery from MISTER MORT via the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

More slope-a-dopes, sloppy red ropes, and Mister Mort hopes, wishing upon a twinkling star, he’ll take Tom Arnold if not Roseanne Barr, fads of plaids, accessorized like billboard ads, top payers, all-in players, fanatics to nay sayers, scarves, hats and too many layers, from dusk till dawn, ranch hands to lil Jon, Mister Mort snaps pics ‘til the liquors gone, from no show’rs, movie goers to snow blowers, not a stone un-turned, until the image is burned, fedora, straight hair or premed, more Park City clips of wet whistling lips, party dips and the summation of introductory quips…so enough with the words and on with Mister Mort’s captured birds and the herds of Sundance film festival nerds…

More photos from the Sundance Film Festival by MISTER MORT after the click or check his first report.

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