Where form meets function

Pioneering works of natural history illustration on view at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Interest in the natural world over the course of the 19th-century generated an enormous visual record produced by artists and naturalists alike. Fascination with detail forms a constant thread, even as debates raged over the best way to display, exhibit, and record “discoveries.” Feathers, Fins, and Fur: Natural History Illustration of the 19th-Century privileges the works of Alexander Wilson and John James Auduboun, and introduces a range of lesser known illustrators. Additionally, the exhibition draws from the institution’s library collection to explore preservation of natural artifact through print.

On view through May 23, 2010.

Above –  H. Patterson, Sebastes Marmoratus, 1856.

Alexander Wilson, White-Headed Eagle, 1832

Alexander Wilson, White-Headed Eagle, 1832

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