01. The Posters Came From the Walls (Depeche Mode Fan Docu)

“In Russia, May 9 is Victory Day, a national holiday. It’s also the birthday of Dave Gahan, lead singer with Depeche Mode, and a group of Muscovite fans have declared it Dave Day, gathering together to celebrate the group with homemade banners, mass sing-alongs and club nights. In Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union, the band’s music has been treasured since it was only available on illegal bootlegged cassettes in the 1980s, and it formed the soundtrack of the march toward freedom those countries embarked upon following the fall of the Berlin Wall.” (blancodisco)

02. The 2009 Annual Feltron Report

“Last week Nicholas Felton, master of all things diagrammed, released his newest Feltron Annual Report for 2009 which outlines all of the activities he participated in last year. This year though he decided to change things up a bit and asked people he met to log their encounters through an online survey he set up.” (+kn)

03. World’s Smallest Portable Printer Doesn’t Use Ink

“Computing on-the-go couldn’t be easier with the bevvy of smart phones, laptops and netbooks on the market. But printing documents while away from the home or office is a whole ‘nother story — until now. PlanOn’s Printstik PS905ME printer provides completely portable printing power. The lightweight, mobile printer utilizes rechargeable batteries and thermal printing technology so folks can print documents without needing outlets or wasteful ink cartridges.” (inhabitanat)

04. Barbasol Re-styling (above)

“This project’s objective was to re-style the popular American “Barbasol” shaving cream in order to introduced it into the European market. For this, I maintained the basic form that they have used for years: the barber shop pole (stripes).” (packagingoftheworld)

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