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While the numerous Selectism offices have been toe tapping in unison to Hot Chip’s new album, It’s Nice That have a nice little interview up with their artwork creator. Darren Wall, aka Wallzo, is a longtime collaborator, having worked on both their previous album covers. An interesting answer is when he talks about the relative pressure of creating artwork for Hot Chip’s third album.

“Yes, I think I was a lot less nervous about this one. When I did the first album, The Warning, I created a cover with no prior understanding that it would become so well-known. Of course this was a really wonderful experience for me and I was hugely grateful for the chance to get my work seen by so many people, but when it came to sit down and tackle the second album cover I must admit I felt the weight of expectation upon me. That pressure is good of course – it makes for good work – but now its much more self-imposed than anything else.”

Read the full interview here.

Take that leap to see a couple more images of his artwork.

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