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Continuing with their ‘Made of Japan’ global campaign, 2010 will see Onitsuka Tiger launch ‘Hidden Tiger,’ a campaign that invites us to explore and discover all things Japanese-cool. As with previous years, this launch is signalled by the creation of a giant shoe model. This time inspired by Tansu, the fascinating Japanese woodworking tradition.

The age-old art of Tansu combines remarkable carpentry, lacquering and ironwork to produce extraordinary handcrafted chests, cabinets and boxes.  Onitsuka Tiger’s Tansu trainer incorporates all of these elements and reflects the masterful craftsmanship that characterises Japanese art.

The giant sneaker sculpture is made up of a number of compartments in various shapes and sizes meticulously slotted into place – impressively the art of Tansu involves no nails. Created in a traditional wood shop in Japan, the expert craftsmen have learnt how to use their bodyweight and movement to shave off wood to give the drawers a perfect fit.

To get to know the story behind a Tansu, you need to see the chest close up. The design and finish of each Tansu reveals a lot about its origin, owner and purpose. You may even discover secret compartments, hidden behind false doors and pseudo floors. These drawers were originally used to conceal kimonos, medicinal herbs and swords amongst other items. By exploring each compartment and drawer in the Onitsuka Tiger Tansu shoe you can get a glimpse into Japanese culture as well as product and collection inspirations.

The world’s first ever Tansu trainer will be on tour throughout the year, beginning its journey at Offspring in Selfridges on Oxford Street from Friday.

Detailed images of the Onitsuka Tiger Tansu Trainer follow after the jump.

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