01. Pixies “S/T (The Purple Tape) LP (above)

“The nine songs from the Pixies’ first demo, “The Purple Tape”, that weren’t chosen for “Come On Pilgrim” have now been pressed to vinyl. This includes original raw recordings of famous tunes like “Here Comes Your Man” and “Down The Well”, among others. It’s a 180 gram LP in an edition of 1500 (500 purple, 500 orange, 500 green). ” (omgvinyl)

02. Tim Goldsworthy Splits With DFA

“Together with partner James Murphy, Tim Goldsworthy founded the New York-based production team and record label DFA. As the DFA, the two produced important records by folks like the Rapture and the Juan Maclean and remixes for Le Tigre, Nine Inch Nails, Gorillaz, and more. The DFA played a huge role in the dance-punk wave that helped to define indie rock’s sound in the first half of the last decade. But as Resident Advisor reports, Goldsworthy has left New York for the UK and is no longer working with DFA.” (p4k)

03. The Design Revolution Hits the Road

“Last night, in San Francisco, Emily Pilloton and her merry band of humanitarian-design crusaders hosted the official send-off for their Design Revolution Road Show, which will be touring the country in a vintage Airstream trailer between now and April. I am very sorry I wasn’t able to attend–the invite to the “parking lot party” touted a tantalizing trifecta of mobile food vendors: one taco truck, one pizza truck, and one cupcake truck. Fortunately, even if you can’t make it to any of the tour stops, Pilloton and company are posting copious photos and videos on their blog. In fact, the Road Show has already made three pre-kickoff stops, including one at Pilloton’s alma mater, Redwood High School.” (metropolispov)

04. PREFAB FRIDAY: Prototype for the House Arc Modular Home Unveiled

“We love prefab designs, but we love seeing them come to life even more! Last July, we brought you renderings for the House Arc, a bicycle rack-inspired modular home designed by Joseph Bellomo, and now we’re thrilled to give you a peek of the prototype version which was just unveiled. Prefabricated and flat-packed into a 4-by-10-by-3 foot box, the House Arc can easily be shipped and assembled at its final destination.” (inhabitant)

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