Where the runway meets the street

Meg Company was founded in 1989 in Hermosa Beach, CA. Some of the brands lines are well known (particularly the Yuketan Shoe line), while others are less heralded (to this point).

Garbstore has received some spring/summer items from Monitaly, Meg Company’s rugged outdoor division. The pieces are in keeping with trend (heritage, Americana, etc, etc), but exhibited a more varied base of inspiration. The line started life in 1997, its name tying in a few things the designer really likes.

Above, you’ll see the Camp Shirt. Drawing from the traditional boy scouts shirt, this top was made using a triple needle union special machine… and has details fitted for carrying all sorts of boy scout stuff (scarf, compass, trail mix). Pictured after the jump, the Indigo Denim Raw shirt will age with love and washing. It too is made with a triple needle union special machine.

I’ve also pictured a gray t-shirt because, well, a good gray t-shirt is the fucking business.

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