01. Trading Museum By Comme Des Garçons

“They’ve done it again. Rei Kawakubo and her team have created a space in the MVRDV-designed Gyre Building in Omotesando, Tokyo, that surpasses all trends. Comme des Garçons’ Trading Museum is part retail outlet, part museum. In the words of director Adrian Joffe, Kawakubo’s purchase of several beautiful antique wooden display cabinets from the V&A Museum was ‘perhaps the moment that the idea of the trading museum came about’.” (frame)

02. Anne Hathaway on the Cover of British GQ (above)

“Because her chest makes me want to launch a war in Ancient Greece, here’s Anne Hathaway in the latest issue of British GQ. If this spread is to help the world forget she dated an Italian con-man who pretended to be the Pope, they’re working.” (superficial)

03. Bottle & Jar Shaped Packets

“I noticed these jar-shaped Nutella packets—(top photo via: Notchet’s Flickr Photostream)—at a grocery store in Rome. (Did I mention I was in Rome a couple of weeks ago?) Then today I saw this bottle-shaped Heinz Ketchup packet. They’re calling it their “Dip & Squeeze” dual-function package.” (dieline)

04. Collapsible Cargoshell Shipping Container Cuts Emissions

“Ocean-bound shipping containers are an often-overlooked source of CO2 emissions — over 90% of all non-bulk cargo carried worldwide arrives in containers, and many of them are sent back empty. Enter the innovative Cargoshell collapsible shipping container, which can drastically cut emissions on return trips by collapsing to a quarter of its full size.” (inhabitant)

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