Only two weeks until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.

And, only eighteen or so years since I was even moderately good at baseball. Haven’t owned a glove in years, so been checking out the options lately. For those folks who like personality and want to go custom, former pro Jay Yennaco offers a reasonable selection of custom gloves. One begins by selecting position (sadly, in the backyard is not an option). From there the customer selects color, webbing, and all the rest.

In all honesty, Yennaco’s custom options pale in comparison to some of the larger sporting brands. Their other stock includes batting gloves and a large stick called a “break in tool.” However, former pros (who, when, etc. not specified) are available to aid in your creation.

The safest, and easiest, custom baseball piece remains a bat from Louisville Slugger. Affordable and produced on machines only slightly less amazing and expensive than those used for Major League sluggers, they are made in the USA and always look outstanding on the mantle.

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