01. Alexander McQueen, Designer, Is Dead at 40 [NYT Obituary]

“Though he apprenticed on Savile Row, Mr. McQueen, thumbed his nose at the conventions of English style by staging lavish runway productions that included clothes made with animal bones and models made to look as if they were patients in a mental ward or participants in a life-sized chess match. Yet he was a tailor of the highest order, making impeccably shaped suits that were also surprisingly commercial.” (nyt)

02. Jónsi – Go Do VIDEO (above)

“Official video to first single from Go.” (jonsi)

03. Adam Port: “No Pain” / Keinemusik

“No Pain. No Pain. No Pain. No Pain. No Pain. No Pain. No Pain. No Pain… Here my contribution to the Keinemusik “Workparty One” crew sampler. KM 005. Vocals by Patrick Burkolder (Shandy Mandies).” (soundcloud)

04. Sounds Like Pan Sonic

“finn johannsen kindly invited me to contribute to his ‘rewind’ series over at sounds like me. i chose to talk about one of the most important influences on my musical development, pan sonic. you can find the interview here (including a link to a live recording from pan sonic at sonar). much thanks to finn for the opportunity to discuss an act that is very close to my heart.” (mnmlssg)

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