01. Black Man’s Cry: The Inspiration Of Fela Kuti

Black Man’s Cry: The Inspiration of Fela Kuti, 4x 10-inch box set and single CD on Now-Again. Available now exclusively at stonesthrow.com, and released worldwide Feb. 23″ (stonesthrow)

02. Small Bicycle Distributor Sues Club Monaco For Unfair Business Practices

“The complaint alleges that Club Monaco, a subsidiary of Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, used images of A Black Bike’s bicycles as the centerpiece of its Spring 2009 advertising campaign, without A Black Bike’s authorization, and while publicly representing that the images were instead bicycles manufactured by the Dutch bicycle company Koninklijke Gazelle.” (prweb)

03. TOGETHER Festival Finishes off this Weekend.

“Together: The New England Electronic Music Festival is that rarest of opportunities. For many people, dance music and its continuing surge in popular culture provides a chance to collaborate and communicate as never before: thoughts are remixed, songs are made in cooperation and entire events are promoted collectively.” (together)

04. The Olympics and the City

“On Friday February 12 the 2010 Winter Olympics begin in Vancouver. Like all host cities, Vancouver had to plan for a sprint and a marathon — it had to develop, finance, design and build a range of sport and residential venues that would not only make the two-week event a big success but also, when the world had gone back home, become a vital and enduring part of the city fabric. Vancouver planning director Brent Toderian spoke recently with journalist Nate Berg, of Planetizen, about how the city, known for progressive planning and green thinking, was meeting the Olympic challenge.” (designobserver)

05. They Measure Weather (above)

“The only hard-to-reach weather station “Aigba” on the territory of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana located 2225m above sea level. No internet connection, no landline. All data are noted in a table and dictated on the cellphone. They do not drink, watch TV for many hours, cook food and feel detachment from the world. Their salary is ridiculous – 6000 rubles – about 200 US dollars, they are here to be free… On the photos the guys are at work.” (englishrussia)

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