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A “Big Brother” culture, fuelled by technology and fear, is an expanding element of today’s world. This is especially true in Britain: the proliferation of CCTV cameras to monitor citizens movements, new state imposed limits on freedom of speech, and a serious erosion of individual privacy rights are all now commonplace.

The Visual Countermeasures Proejct (VCMP) is a multi-disciplinary 2.0 collaboration which aims to shed light on these crucial issues and encourage debate. VCMP speaks to individual freedom for all, for privacy, and for free speech.

Over the years we have reported about hundreds of collaborative projects, mostly because we are interested in the fusion of at least two different designers/brands and it that outcome. VCMP certainly takes the idea of a collaboration further and does not only impress with a strong line-up of product, but most importantly with a strong message behind the entire project – a message that raises some critical questions in our society.

Participants in the project include Hanon Shop, founded in 1990 in the UK by Brian Toft, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2010. Brian put together an impressive group of brands and people in order to make the project happen. They worked with 6876, Call of the Wild, Reebok, as well as novelist Henry Porter and film director Nino Leitner. Leitner is about to release a movie at the Austrian film festival, dealing with the exact issues of CCTV cameras and their consequences in society, making this an incredibly round project overall. Check out the trailer of the “Every Step You Take” movie here below.

First we present you the Reebok Stomper of the collaborative project, with the other product to follow afterwards. The Reebok Stomper was originally produced for director James Cameron’s 1986 sci-fi blockbuster Aliens and worn by the main character Ripley throughout the movie.

Not widely available and the purpose of the Stomper has always been a mystery it was the perfect silhouette for the VCMP project. It features a full reflective Scotchlite upper, full velcro fasten design and general dark look. The sneaker will be released February 25th along with the rest of the project and is limited to only 60 pairs worldwide.

Detailed images of the VCMP x Reebok Stomper follow after the jump.

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