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In the previous post we gave you the complete rundown of the Visual Countermeasures Project (VCMP), involving Hanon, 6876, Call of the Wild, Reebok, Henry Porter and Nino Leitner. We previewed the Reebok Stomper from the project and here we continue with a closer look at the collaboration, which also involves a custom 6876 jacket.

The Capandula’s distinctive curved double entry pockets utilise Ri Ri Aqua zips which are also used in a two-way opening method for the centre front. This lightweight but robust jacket is the base for the VCMP design featuring woven Tessitura Molteni Palmira Italian water resistant fabric and a scotchlite hood trim detail designed to mask the users face from photographic flashes at night. Not only a solid jacket, featuring all kinds of high quality tech details, it also perfectly translates the ideas of the entire project into a piece of clothing.

The 6876 Jacket from the VCMP Project will be released February 25th along with the Reebok Stomper and the rest of the products from the project at Hanon.

Detailed images follow after the jump.

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