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Head Porter presents their new “Perfect Book” for Spring/Summer 2010, giving you a detailed look at their new collection.

Uniqlo may be hailed as the only retailer making real money in recession-hit Japan, but while the newly-frugal Japanese are embracing fast fashion they’re (cheaply) satisfying their brand-lust elsewhere. Ubiquitous with the girls right now are tote bags that come as a ‘gift’ with label catalogs sold in bookstores and 24-hour combini stores. Until this unisex Head Porter edition dropped this week, however, yen-strapped men were barely catered for. Emblazoned with Head Porter’s house monogram, the ‘two way’ vinyl tote (i.e. it has a detachable shoulder strap) seems sturdy enough to at least see you through the coming season. The Chinese manufacture may be at odds with the resolutely ‘Made in Japan’ Head Porter brand, but at 1300 yen (US$14) who’s complaining? And since the catalog (or ‘Perfect Book’ as it proclaims itself) is available from Amazon Japan, you may not even need to ‘get your proxy on’ for this one.

A small look inside the book follows after the jump.

Text by Darren Gore for Highsnobiety.com.

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