Deriving inspiration from TETRIS might not be the most exciting notion design wise. However, turning vision into reality through an eco-friendly material and the challenge of turning its look and structural properties into something beautiful, and one finds something special. The “Forest in New Form” stems from a fascination in OSB (Oriented Strand Board) on the part of designer Maria Gustavsson. As a material, OSB uses less energy than equivalent sawmill produced structural components.

The material concern is in keeping with the Swedish Ninja (Gustavsson’s design firm) ethos. Hoping to challenge current modes of disposable culture, the Ninja wishes to create new and sustainable heirlooms. With a burst of color and a solid base the “Forest in New Form” collection reflects that desire. While there is a touch of the mid-century modern to the look, on the whole the contrast of OSB and upholstery gives new great appeal. (via Contemporist).

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