Antony Crook was born in Bolton (in Greater Manchester). He studied photography in Edinburgh and upon graduating moved to London. His successes have come mainly in menswear. Portraits shot for the likes of GQ, Men’s Vogue, and the Rig-Out, providing solid grounding of the bulk of his work.

Crook has shot stars – among them artist David Hockney, musician Pharrel Williams, and director Tim Burton. He’s also, as the above will suggest, shot a number of winning lifestyle and menswear product looks. Crook has recently launched a new website, and from that I want to highlight his often overlooked landscape work. In it, he captures places ranging from his home town of Bolton, Colorado, and Goa, India. Each subject lends itself well to Crook’s great capacity to capture natural light. There is an emphasis on the rugged, and in the case of the urban environment the raw, which brings the landscape in line with Crook’s portraiture.

More examples follow.

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