For three years, German photographer Sebastian Denz traveled with the Carhartt skate team documenting their tours through Europe. As an artist, Denz is known for his investigation of space through a three-dimensional process. The photography lends well to capturing skateboarding, and Denz’s work with Carhartt finds final form in a limited edition book, Skateboarding.3D. Shot with a 8-x-10 large format stereo camera, the photographs in the book provide unprecedented depth to skates spots in printed form.

Complementing the book, Carhartt Europe will be touring an exhibition of large format photographs throughout 2010. The tour hits all the major Carhartt Europe flagships, taking Denz’s work out of the book and placing it on the walls. A further special edition box set will be available – including a signed edition of Skateboarding.3D and a deck designed by Stephan Marx. Find the dates at

The limited box set is pictured above. Examples from the exhibition follow.

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