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Following yesterday’s World Cup madness in London, Beinghunted has a great new feature on the “Brazil Black Pack” from Nike Sportswear.

Changing Brasil’s signature yellow to black – leaving only the crest in its traditional color – is a rather bold move. But an intentional one, of course. As a 5-time international football champion, Brasil’s team is well respected, even feared as a tough opponent. While on the field this toughness is evident through the team’s gameplay, before and after it will be the color scheme of this new capsule collection of jerseys, soft- and hardshells: The Brasil Black Pack!

Of a number of quality pieces, our favorite is the M-65 jacket pictured above. Limited quantities of these items will be available to the public at select retailers. Stay tuned for more.

Take the leap for more from The Brazil Black Pack by NSW.

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