Yesterday I went to a meeting at Independence Seaport Museum and was given a quick run through of recent acquisitions. One of the finest items was a 30 year old Sperry Top-Sider. They’d been resoled several times, and the foot-bed too had been replaced. But, the upper held a fantastic three decade long history. One America’s cup, countless local yacht races, and an owner proud of the respect granted by the shoes natural patina. They were one part disgusting and one greater part glorious.

I’m posting the new Sperry collaboration with J. Crew, a rather nice chino version, more or less as a reason to tell the above story. Moral of that, the older and rattier the Top-Sider the more respect you’ll get in the boating community.

Not really into yachting? Then the J. Crew version will likely garner the street respect you crave.

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