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If it is not clear by now, Selectism is staffed by some serious footie fanatics. Nick, for starters has not only written about his travels to see the USA vs. Mexico in Mexico City, but also has covered the UMBRO 2010 England Away Jersey on these very pages. This makes it very difficult for me to sit back and watch him have all the fun. And Jason? Well, it’s clear where he stands…

Last week, I had the opportunity to fly over to London for Nike’s unveiling of their 2010 World Cup Kits. Two of my favorite teams were  involved – the USA and Portugal. Out of sheer luck, they even stood Nani (Portugal) and Dempsy (USA) together for the photo ops (see those after the click).

The big story, though, is in their manufacturing. Nike went to great lengths to keep their focus on “Considered Design” by producing each jersey from recycled plastic bottles. Eight plastic PVC bottles go into creating one jersey.

The consumer jerseys for each team (which do differ slightly from the player jerseys) also makes use of this tech. Each recycled poly jersey also includes unique printing on the inside near the heart reflecting a personal message for each nation. DTOM is there for the USA.

Click into the post for photos of the unveiling which should offer something for our Dutch, Serb, Slovenian, New Zealand, Aussie, and Korean readers. Portugal and USA as well (of course). We could not be more excited for the tournament.

More looks at the Nike 2010 World Cup Kits as seen in London last week, after the click.

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