On days like today, all I can think about are new cans. Headphones, in my opinion, extend sound in a manner which allows the listening to experience a more personal understanding of sound. For those who wave my comment off as being hogwash, I simply recommend taking your favorite piece of music auditioning it against something more high end than those white ear buds your iPod/Phone arrived with.

For just under $300, these German Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones are a  reasonable upgrade to your stock headphones. I’ve auditioned them numerous times and they’re best fit for the reader who is into more lad back acoustic and compositional sounds, they will allow you to hear every note, tape, and finger pluck found in the sounds you enjoy. They also happen to look great and the velour pad (also found on higher end Sennheisers and Denon) are just pure comfort. Amazon has them.

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