01. Why Nicolai Ouroussoff Is Not Good Enough

“When I told an editor recently that my dream upon graduating from college was to be an architecture critic, she laughed. Not at me (I don’t think), but at the idea of aspiring to a job that might be doomed. Online, both everyone and no one is a critic, and architecture talk proliferates, often in the absence of buildings. Yet there are still a few architecture critics who count, and Nicolai Ouroussoff of The New York Times is perhaps the most powerful (rivaled only by his predecessor Paul Goldberger, now at The New Yorker).” (designobserver)

02. Video | Trailer for Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War

“Here’s the trailer for Le Grand Chef: Kimchi War, currently playing in theaters. The prequel to the 2007 film Le Grand Chef, Kimchi War follows two chefs competing in a culinary contest created to popularize kimchi outside of Korea, and was based on a graphic novel. Although the trailer speaks the universal language of food porn, EMD reader bluexmas was kind enough to provide an English translation. Video and captions below.” (creativecriminals)

03. Chiquita Banana Brand Refresh (above)

“Chiquita’s latest ad campaign imbues its audience with an instant sense of wonder. Using playful illustrations on stickers juxtaposed to the iconic Chiquita stickers, the product and brand become more engaging to the consumer—plus they just look cool. We got a chance to ask the Art Director, DJ Neff, some questions about the process of making bananas (even more) fun..” (designrelated)

04. Monterrey Housing / ELEMENTAL

“The Government of Nuevo León, México, commissioned us to design a group of 70 homes on a site of .6 hectars in a middle class neighborhood in Santa Catarina. The required density suggested the application of the typology we developed for Iquique. However, the climate in Santa Catarina is very different from the northern dessert climate of Chile. The 600 mm of annual rainfall required us to adapt our proposal to this new question.” (archdaily)

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