Selectism has a nice story on Blackbird’s latest in-house exclusive with Alden.

Seattle recognizes Mr. Frank Osgood as father of their public transportation system. Introducing a horse drawn trolley system in 1894, Osgood begins to further facilitate the movement of laborers and the pursuit of leisure in the city. Five years later, Osgood gave the horses a rest and introduced electric trolleys and Seattle is the first West Coast town to become fully modernized in this way.

The folks at Seattle’s Blackbird have great reverence for Osgood and his contributions to the public welfare of their home town. So much so, that they’ve produced a pair (as in two models) of shoes inspired by him. I like a quirky reading of history, and as such am willing to believe for a moment that public transportation is especially good for keeping shoes clean on the way to work.

Regardless of this somewhat dubious analysis of urban development, the shoes are very handsome (in my humble opinion). The above model is the Hayburner Saddle Shoe in #8 burgundy cordovan and black alpine grain leather. The second, after the jump, is the Leschi Picnic Saddle Shoe in black calf and navy blue suede. Think labor and leisure. Or, more simply, work and play.

P.S. The shoes are manufactured by Alden.

More looks at the Alden for Blackbird Osgood Series Saddle Shoe follow here.

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