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The Pigalle crew from Paris also hosted a great exhibition this month. Artist Paul Hamy exhibited his work for the first time ever in an exhibition entitled “Chapeau, Chimeres et Formes” (Hats, Chimeras and Shapes).

“From his hats’ collection (some Fedoras, a few Porkpies and trillbies) to the animal face rings made in gaffer tape, through The two windows of the shop that were occupied by two huge pieces suggesting a man with a top-hat trying to escape, we discover Paul’s technique he names scochin’.

The narrow corridor of the Pigalle store was redecorated with zoologically shaped lampshades manufactured in tape letting the light show trough : l'”en-poule”, a hat ,an egg.

Lastly we are enraptured in front of a sample of his metal wiring styles sculptures; “The patient woman” and “The man falling”. His talent is incontestable, the details subjugates, one can’t hazard a guess to the path of his technique. congr-hat-ulation.”

The exhibition is still on display until this coming Sunday, so make sure to pass by. The hats will stay in the shop and are for sale.

After the jump a detailed look at the works by Paul Hamy.

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