01. London Underground | Emotional Baggage (above)

“While people love to talk about fashion-design crossovers, good ones aren’t that easy to find — which is why the Crafted Fashion collection from Williams-British Handmade is so refreshing.” (T Magazine)

02. Is it time for your covers album?

“Calling all recording artists! Are you considering making a dreadful covers album as a vanity project? Take Pete Cashmore’s flow chart test to see if the time’s right.” (Guardian)


“‘You know, it’s not really the original Shrek that we love so much here. It’s really the dubbing. It’s really more the Iranian Shrek that interests us.’

The Iranian film industry has a long and illustrious tradition of high-quality dubbings. In the post-Revolution era, and the ensuing rise of censorship, dubbing has evolved to become a form of underground art, as well as a meta-commentary on Iranians’ attempt to adapt, and in some way lay claim to, the products of Western culture. A single American film like Shrek inspires multiple dubbed versions—some illegal, some not—causing Iranians to discuss and debate which of the many Farsi Shreks is superior. In some versions (since withdrawn from official circulation), various regional and ethnic accents are paired with the diverse characters of Shrek, the stereotypes associated with each accent adding an additional layer of humor for Iranians. In the more risqué bootlegs, obscene or off-topic conversations are transposed over Shrek’s fairy-tale shenanigans.” (Believer)

04. Coach Tim’s Prediction: Manny Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey

“Okay, okay! I’ll tell you who I’m picking to win the Joshua Clottey vs. Manny Pacquiao fight. First, thanks for all your inquiries concerning my pick for the fight. It humbles me to know that so many people think so highly of my thoughts on the subject. It especially humbles me when I think back to being so wrong about Pacquiao vs. Hatton and Clottey vs. Cotto. Still, I equate myself to a broken watch in hopes that I am correct at least a couple times per day.” (Eastside Boxing)

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