The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s contribution to Philagrafika 2010 is a video installation of Japanese artist Tabaimo. Born in Hyogo, Japan, in 1975, Tabaimo (Ayako Tabata) focuses on communal space fusing traditional wood cuts and manga into her video imagery.

From Philagrafika

Project Description for Philagrafika 2010 The Graphic Unconscious

On view at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Dolefull House (2007) is a single-channel video installation in which a pair of giant hands systematically arranges western-style bourgeois furnishings in an oversized dollhouse. The rooms become increasingly cozy and orderly until the calm is infiltrated by an unwelcome presence lurking behind the walls and a seemingly mundane situation dissolves into a gory surrealistic scene. A giant wave washes everything away and the Sisyphean process of furnishing the empty house begins again. The western doll house acts as a façade behind which the underlying life-force tries to assert itself.

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