Band of Bikers represents a rather atypical photography book. For one, the photographs come from a found archive. Editor Scott Zieher discovered the material among the affects of a deceased tenant in the basement of a New York City apartment building. The images depict a group of gay bikers, their parties in the city, and their trips to the country side. In these, and through an accompanying essay, Zieher documents a specific period of subculture touching on mainstream America’s innocence in regards to homoerotic undertones in most heterosexual institutions and the ramifications of vernacular photography in popular culture.

The themes may be off putting to some, but it remains an extraordinary capsule of American life. I always think it important to recognize the potential of personal archives as historic document. So, if for nothing else this book really intrigues me.

For those interested, Band of Bikers is available through the International Center of Photography and Amazon.

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