I’ve been a fan of Henry Horenstein for some time. The RISD professor lives in Boston and frequently documents American subcultures. In “Show” he gets to the heart of some of the seedier sides of entertainment. Burlesque, carnival, and more intimate portraits through images of tattooed bodies. Hornestein has also pointed his lens toward boxing and horse racing, honkey tonk barks and more recently created a body of abstract works focused on texture.

His ability to capture distinct moments of American history speaks volumes for his talent, but also reminds that in his younger years Horenstein believed he might become a historian.

Show is on view at Gallery 339, 339 S. 21st Street, Philadelphia, through April 3, 2010.

Selected photographs from Show after the jump. Above is Melody Sweets, This is Burlesque, Corio, New York, New York (2008).

Henry Horenstein Fishnets, New York Burlesque Festival, Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY, 2005

Peekaboo Pointe, New York, NY (tattooed torso), 2006

Swords, Los Angeles, CA, 2005

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