Where form meets function

For the traveller who needs a quick hit of shut eye, these mobile pods called “Sleep Box” may solve the issue of having to check into a hotel for a short period of time. Dubai Airport looks to be one of the first to receive their deployment of “Sleep Boxes.” Chillnite News is reporting that they’re receiving between 50 and 70 of them in the coming month. “Sleep Boxes are small cubicle spaces that are available at public places like Airports, train stations etc where people can book the ‘box’ for set time period to catch some sleep. It offers a small resting space while you wait for that connection in few hours. Ofcourse it doesnt come with attached washroom…you can use a public one for that. The concept is not new as Japan already has ‘Capsule Hotels’ that serve the same purpose. The only difference is that Sleep Boxes are bigger in size and give space to sit and sleep.”

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