01. The History of the Honey Trap

“MI5 is worried about sex. In a 14-page document distributed last year to hundreds of British banks, businesses, and financial institutions, titled ‘The Threat from Chinese Espionage,’ the famed British security service described a wide-ranging Chinese effort to blackmail Western businesspeople over sexual relationships…” (kottke>foreignpolicy)

02. AOL Partners With Celebrity Chefs To Launch Recipe And Foodie Site KitchenDaily

“AOL has recruited a few celebrity chefs and foodies; including Curtis Stone, Food & Wine’s Gail Simmons, and Marcus Samuelsson; and the famed Culinary Institute of America to launch food website KitchenDaily. Similar to Epicurious, AllRecipes, or FoodNetwork.com, KitchenDaily features a recipe database of meals that have been tested by top chefs, food magazine and cookbook publishers.” (techcrunch)

03. TorZo Sustainable Surfaces

“That’s sugarcane, pressed together with an inert, non-hazardous acrylic polymer and rendered into Tiikeri, a material from Oregon-based TorZo Sustainable Surfaces. There’s no formaldehyde used in the lamination and sugarcane is fast-growing, making this a rapidly renewable material. It can also be worked with standard machining tools and it’s highly durable, meaning it can be used in place of wood or plywood, saving on trees. As for the aesthetics, you either like it or you don’t, but it’s good to know it’s out there as an option.” (core77)

04. The Banyan Treehouse by Rockefeller Partners Architects (above)

“Located on a high eastern-facing ridge with views downtown Los Angeles in the distance, the Banyan Treehouse is a diminutive art studio and sanctuary.  Rockefeller Partners was originally commissioned by this client to design a house that was ultimately never realized.  Working together once again on this project, architect and client were able to revisit some of the design elements that they had originally explored in a different context, such as the striking butterfly roofline.” (contemporist)

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