Where form meets function

Inspired by Robert Frank’s The Americans, English photographer Jacob Perlmutter set off on his own American journey last summer. Like Frank, he traveled for three months. Perlmutter’s 88 Days captures the spirit of the voyage and the people he encountered.

Perlmutter draws influence from a range of street photographers, but primarily works from a desire to dig beneath the coating of popular culture, to get to the essence of his subject. In the end of his American trip, he’d amassed 2,500 photos. These differed, he says, from the preconceived ideas he arrived with.

88 Days will be shown at The Orange Dot from April 19 to May 14, 2010, located at 54 Tavistock Place, Bloomsbury, London. Complimenting the exhibition, The Orange Dot will also offer a special edition 60-page 88 Days book.

Further preview images from 88 Days follow.

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