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For the past few years, King Stampede has essentially been operating as Boundless NY‘s clothing label (same people, same vibe.) Today, they announce a move that unites the King Stampede and Boundless NY brands under one name for Winter 2010. From the press release: “Effective immediately, King Stampede will operate under the same identity and banner of Boundless NY, a property that includes two NY storefronts, an online retailer, a radio program and skate team represented by Daniel Castillo and Danny Supa.”

The first Boundless NY collection is inspired by an “imaginative journey across America during the mid seventies.” As such, the collection draws upon simple and dependable American workwear and vintage outdoor gear. “The timeless pieces are updated to reflect Boundless NY’s east coast sensibility through references to music, nature, mind expansion, and a counterculture spirit, which are all subtly sprinkled on trims, tags and other visuals.” The first delivery of Boundless NY clothing will be arriving at shops for October 2010.

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