01. Plane Janes

“We’re told that there was a magical time long ago when, whatever your seat assignment, flying was first-class. But when did it all end? Last week, Marie Force, the archivist at the Delta Heritage Museum in Atlanta, published an online gallery of photographs of Delta flight attendant uniforms from 1940 to the present.” (themoment)

02. Whitest Boy Alive plays Mexico City, Erlend Oye has glasses stolen by unruly Mexis (above)

“The Whitest Boy Alive is a band that contains the member Erlend Oye, one of the most beloved alt celebs of all time. Their show is known as an indie pop fiesta which features dancing + chill vibes… Recently, they played a show in Mexico City, and Erlend Oye had his glasses stolen by the crowd. In the video, you can see the awkward moment as he climbed the balcony, had his glasses removed, then had people yelling “lentes, lentes”, which we assume is the Spanish /Mexican word for glasses. Erlend has the ultimate face of ‘not chill, bro’ to all of the Mexican fans.” (hrunoff)

03. An interview w/ Oderus Urungus of Gwar

“In an announcement given to a “bunch of penguins”, from the bowels of their Antarctic fortress, the worlds sickest band, the mighty GWAR, has announced the continuation of their 25th Anniversary with a public event of colossal proportion–The Crack-a-Thon!” (bvegan)

04. A Barcode That Recedes With a Veggie’s Freshness

“Walking through the produce aisle shouldn’t be as mysterious as the ingredients on the back of a bag of Cheetos, but sometimes picking out fresh produce can be a befuddling task even for the most seasoned herbivore. Fresh Code, by designers Sisi Yuan, Yiwu Qiu, Lei Zhao, Qiulei Huang, Lijun Zhang & Weihang Shu is a straightforward solution developed as an intelligent barcode not only able to price an item, but also indicate the freshness level of the produce on which it’s affixed. Each bar code uses a special ink that recedes in correlation with passing time and a percentage graph indicating the remaining life of the veggie at hand. So is it time to cook it or compost it? This cabbage looks like it’s on its way out!” (inhabitant)

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