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The year 1947 marked the end of one era and the dawn of a new one for New York City baseball fans. Babe Ruth bade an emotional farewell to fans at Yankee Stadium; in the same month, Jackie Robinson played his first major league game at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. A mere ten years later the Dodgers and Giants pulled up stakes and headed for California. In between were an extraordinary 11 seasons during which New York City ruled baseball – and vice versa.

The Glory Days originally ran on site at the Museum of the City of New York in 2007. Re-envisioned as an online exhibition, The Glory Days retains its magic and in digital form remains well paced. The presented material goes through 9 themed “Innings” and one extra period of play to cover the teams, the fans, the press, the stadiums, and quite a bit more. From pieces like the above pro model glove to press pins for the subway series, the objects do more than just root baseball in the Big Apple – there’s enough to prove the City’s importance to the sport as a whole. And, hell, it is hard to argue against the above statement alone, but add to that May’s behind the back catch and names like Mickey Mantle and the allure of New York baseball is impossible to ignore.

Check out the exhibition here. There’s honestly something for everyone.

Some of the fine bits of ephemera and photographs from the exhibition are on view after the jump.

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