Now on view through September 10, 2010, Gosse de peintre presents a body of work by Beat Takeshi Kitano inspired by his fascination and nostalgia for childhood. Known primarily for his films, Takeshi Kitano dabbles in arts ranging from comedy to writing. He’s a universally popular figure in his native land, and while his art is known it is rarely exhibited in an institutional setting. At Paris’ Fondation Cartier, Beat Takeshi Kitano takes the space and subverts tradtional notions of exhibtion. He invites the visitor to interact and play. In this, he further establishes the vision of childhood promoted in his painting.

The website also has quite a bit to explore. Paintings and videos highlight elements of the exhibition. And, there is also opportunity to explore the catalog that has been produced for the occassion.

A few selected images from Gosse de pientre follow. But, please take my advice and spend some time on Fondation Cartier as well.

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