People, this beautiful photo was brought to you by Selectism’s newest Columnist, Aaron Panone. Simply put, his food recipes and photography are helping to push Selectism to new readers and food loves alike. Mr. Panone’s background is not in food though. Amazingly, he does everything from designing heart valves to bicycle chainrings. But, damn, how can we resist his food. While we did not make anymore of a notice than a Twitter post on Aaron joining our Columns, he’s clearly drawing some impact as the feedback has been solid.

Here’s the recipe (well a quick snippet):

The Process:

made some cashew butter by grinding up 2c. or so of raw cashews with 3-4tsp. of canola oil (a splash at first and then add until at the desired consistency), a pinch of sugar (to taste), and a pinch of salt (to taste). reduced some sweetened condensed milk into a medium-thick dulce de leche syrup/cream. smothered some iggy’s whole wheat sourdough with the dulce de leche, followed by the cashew butter, placed some sliced bananas on top, smeared the other side with a nice meaty organic apricot jam, and put it together. served with some nice honeydew melon.

Read and follow Aaron Panone in the Selectism Columns. It will make you incredibly hungry.

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