01. Phoenix Are Giving Away A Free Live Album!

Full “Live from Sidney” show being give away on their website. (phoenix)

02. Peter Maccallum: Take A Break From The Sun (above)

“Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is one of the world leaders in cancer treatment, research and education. Australian based ad agency CHE placed these carved out boards at the beach that show the following text when the sun shines: “Take a break from the sun”.” (creativecriminals)

03. Brooklyn Bridge Park is Open

“First section of Brooklyn Bridge Park—85 acres of reclaimed marine infrastructure on the East River waterfront in Brooklyn—opened Monday, March 23, 2010, representing the culmination of 12 years of work by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates” (harvard gsd)

04. Four Salvaged Boxes: wHY@work

“The 4 Salvaged Boxes document the design approach and process wHY Architectureapplied toward quality design and creative environmental sustainability, with focus on the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the first new art museum building in the world to receive the LEED Gold certification, and other current projects from wHY Architecture and Design. (archdaily)

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