From April 1, 2010, StolenSpace presents “Hasadhu, In the Night Before a Storm” by Usugrow. The artist began drawing professionally in 1993, working primarily on punk rock fliers. Over time the Japanese born artist progressed to album covers and commercial work, gradually placing his fine art in galleries.

Influenced by Chicano “Cholo” style, Usugrow’s work marries the graffiti style with Asian calligraphy. “Hasadhu, In the Night of before a Storm,” brings viewers into the mind of a fictional character. His world is the calm before a storm, a moment of clarity, and one the artist hopes will engulf the viewer.

The work is Usugrow’s premier showing in London and will be on view through April 18, 2010. Complementing the exhibition, StolenSpace will also be selling a number of signed copies of Usugrow’s book Love Hate From JP.

StolenSpace, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1.

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